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About Darcy Bacha

Heading west from Philadelphia in 2005, Darcy Bacha left in search of greener, rockier, and snowier pastures; he quickly found the perfect balance was nestled in the Oregon Cascades.

Darcy now calls home a cabin at the base of Mt. Hood, but you’ll often find him on the road pursuing the adventurous, nomadic life of a professional snow sport photographer. His job, which is fueled by a love of travel, allows him opportunities for traveling worldwide, including Kazakstan, Japan, Chile, Europe, and most memorably, Alaska, which has become his favorite area to photograph due to ‘the coolest snowboarding terrain the world has to offer’.

When he's not capturing everything snow-related, from urban hits to big mountain lines, Darcy’s passions still remain outdoors. He spends most of his free time taking advantage of the numerous fly fishing opportunities throughout the Pacific Northwest, preparing for his annual six-week pilgrimage of camping and steelhead fishing in Northern British Columbia in the Skeena watershed.

"Light and shadow are the shaping tools in making a  photograph transcend it’s two dimensional origins. With this is mind you can easily call Darcy Bacha a master shaper. Whether it’s from natural luminence or the power packs he mercifully totes to the top of mountains, a true master can produce perfection in all conditions.

I first noticed Darcy’s work from his summer’s shooting at Windell’s snowboard camp. Mt. Hood is a beautiful location, but in the high overhead sun of July and August, it’s far from inspiring. His images were like nothing I’d ever seen of a location that could easily be considered 'the most photographed place in the history of snowboarding’.

I knew he’d soon be taking a top spot amongst the sport’s elite shooters. That happened seemingly overnight, and I can say it’s been a pleasure for not only myself, but to all who look to his work for inspiration, to see what he produces each year."

— Andy Wright
Transworld Senior Photographer

"Everyone has a gift. Some have found theirs and others are on the road to realizing how to harness their own passion. For some it just comes natural and Darcy has it. His gift of capturing the perfect feeling, with camera and knowledge, of the hard to find moments is at the highest level. It's easy to see. Just browse his images. I've utilized his work for my web site and social media campaigns. Glad I did. Fully recommend."

— Marty Sheppard
Little Creek Outfitters